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Frederik Fischer (Founder, Audience Engagement at Krautreporter, @frederikfischer)



Find people by biography and influence. Nice tool to generate a list of Twitter experts on a certain topic. Example: "Influential journalists from Ukraine"


Find the right hashtag and related terms for a topic. Example: "What is the hashtag influencers use to talk about the Crimea crisis?"


Find the total number of tweets and trends for a topic. Plus: Topsy can search the twitter history. Example: "Who was the first person to tweet about Terry Pratchett's death?"


Get the most important conversations today and up to a week back. Example: "Who What did my friends tweet while I was away and what was important? Similiar to nuzzle


Which topics are trending where.

Twitter advanced search

Exactly what the name suggests. Unique selling point: Search a specific time range.


Provides an good overview about your personal account. Great filtering options like engagment. Tweetdeck allows tweet scheduling, custom alerts etc. or app


Find out how often a link was shared in most social networks.

Facebook Graph Search

To use the graph search, you need to switch your profile language to English (US)

Facebook Who likes...

Get the ID of a certain page, like Pegida here. Replace the ID in the URL to see who of you friends likes Pegida: [

Update: Paul Meyrs wrote an in-depth tutorial on how to use the Facebook Graph Search manually. Facebook has recently stripped down the the functionality of the Graph Search. Maybe even they realized how privacy invasive the whole thing is.

Use cases

Andy Carvin used Twitter to collect and verify information about the Arab spring, while sitting at his desk in Washington. His work heavily relies on the big twitter network he built. #followerpower

Storyful is an successfull enterprise in the area of social media verification.

Pegida mag dich analysed the German right-wing movement Pegida. The project got well received by the media, exposing that the majority of Pegida's followers are unemployed males in their thirties.


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